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Concorde G-BOAF's final flight - the last flight of Concorde

The final ever Concorde flight, on 26th November 2003, was aircraft G-BOAF. Departing from her in-service home of Heathrow for one last time, she sped out over England to the Bay of Biscay for the last supersonic leg ever to be flown by a Concorde. Finally she returned to the place of her birth - Filton, where she touched down oh-so-reluctantly. The supersonic dream is over. Taxiing slowly down the runway at Filton while Rolls Royce's Spitfire rolled overhead, G-BOAF paused several times to salute the gathered crowds at each end of the airfield. G-BOAF's engines were then shut down for the last time at her place of birth. With the red carpet rolled out and dignitaries assembled, Captain Mike Bannister - BA's chief Concorde pilot - handed over the aircraft's log book to HRH Prince Andrew the Duke of York who accepted it on behalf of the people of Bristol.

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